Life in the residence

The residence offers you a perfect framework of life for continuing your studies 

All of the schools of the region are located within a radius of 2 to 8 km of the residence and are easily accessible by public transport. 

A common sitting room is available on each floor of the residence as well as two loggias on upper floor.

The residence has a concierge responsible to enforce the rules of life and the good use of common spaces.
The building disposes of multiple local laundries available to residents. With the purchase of a pre-payment card it is easily possible to use the washing machine & dryer.

Everything is put in place so that each resident feels well at the residence, starting with architectural choices, choice of furniture and colors.

Discover without further delay the 3 types of studios proposed: 

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +41(0) 22 809 06 20 or by email on